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Our Art Workshops!

Art and Impact conducted several sessions with students of Lotus Petal Foundation, teaching them engaging art and crafts.

The classes were conducted online for students of Vidyananda School at the Lotus Petal Foundation.

Paper Snowflake Craft with the Students of Grade 3

In the first session led by Anhiti, children from Grade 3 were taught a simple craft technique of making beautiful paper snowflakes, which could be used for decorating purposes. The craft supplies required were simply paper and scissors that are easily accessible. Use of recycled/ recyclable paper was encouraged making the activity sustainable and eco-friendly.

The consequent sessions led by Kaynaat and Vanya our volunteers, again combined art with sustainability. Children from Grade 4 and 5 were taught how to recycle old newspaper and other waste materials to make colourful collages and were given creative freedom to express themselves through it. They were also taught how to make a drawing of a fish and were taught how to use different colourful sections of the newspaper such as pictures, objects and animations , cutting them into little pieces and sticking them to different sections of their drawing. The children were extremely  reciprocative and enthusiastic about the activities conducted, making the sessions productive, enthusiastic and successful!

Paper Scraps Craft with Students of Grade 4
Paper Scraps Craft with Students of Grade 5

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