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Art and Impact

Anhiti Mandal

Check out Utkala, our very own digital exhibit, and help us support rural artisans from Odisha!

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Our Art Workshops!

Art and Impact conducted several sessions with students of Lotus Petal Foundation, teaching them engaging art and crafts. The classes were conducted online for students of Vidyananda School at the Lotus Petal Foundation. In the first session led by Anhiti, children from Grade 3 were taught a simple craft technique of making beautiful paper snowflakes,…


Meet Our Pattachitra Artisans Art and Impact is collaborating with two remarkable artists who work with their cell of artisans and family, creating beautiful pieces of Pattachitra paintings. Through them Art and Impact is connected with more artists like them who are doing similar work, helping many generate revenue during these difficult times where tourism…


India is a melting pot of a wide range of culture and heritage, which is unique to each of its regions that extend across its vast expanse. With much pride, India is the birthplace of a plethora of dance forms, literature, clothing and especially various spectacular art forms. Indian art consists of a variety of forms, including painting,…

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